About The Attic


The Attic is a creative outlet for people who love nature, art, craft, and everything that can be made by combining all three.  The Attic aims to serve buyers who want unique, artistic, and well-made wooden objects and design pieces with exceptional quality, craftsmanship and creativity.

We make objects from fine wood, sometimes on its own, sometimes combined with metal, epoxy resin, paint, glass, leather, and other materials. We are inspired foremost by nature, and then by the talent of woodworkers and wood designers from across the world, throughout history. 

Our subcontinental heritage in woodwork is par excellence. We can see the craftsmanship of "Barrhais" and "Tarkhaans" from centuries ago, in our homeland, Pakistan. The richness of designs, carving, engraving, and joinery of every province is unique and glorious.  

At The Attic, we want to preserve our cultural heritage and pay forward our gratitude to our forerunners by creating designs and objects that are not only beautiful but last for generations.  At The Attic, a team of skilled individuals is continuously collaborating and striving to improve standards of design and quality of products. With state-of-the-art technology, our finest craftsmen create versatile and ingenious designed merchandise for adding a special touch of elegance to your homes. 

We also want our creations to be modern, functional, and useful, no matter where the home in which they will reside. Covid has taught us that our homes have to be places of work, study, and entertainment for ourselves. Decorating just for social gatherings isn't how the 21st century home would work. We have to create spaces and areas to fit the changing needs of our lives. Hence, our designs are thoughtful and cognizant of space, multiple uses, and functionality.

The wood we use is sourced from trusted vendors, tested for moisture content, milled to thickness and sizes that can withstand natural expansion and contraction more steadily and sturdily. The accessories and attachments we source are of the highest available quality, encouraging local women entrepreneurs and small businesses wherever we have the choice. We also remain environmentally conscious and do not buy or use illegally harvested timber.